Madalene is home to abundant genres of beauty and sensual home products. We endeavour to contribute a humble voice about a more aesthetic way of living for fine ladies. 
Thus, each of Madalene’s items is mindfully curated from brands that own a taste or a certain level of quality, in the spirit of Originality, Elegance and Intimacy.


Located on the quiet and calm Le Thi Hong Gam st., and yet our store is still a part of Saigon’s most enthusiastic and cultured-rich area: you can reach us within 3 – 7 minutes walking from the HCMC Fine Arts Museum or the iconic Ben Thanh Market. 

Our adorable space is meant for you to feel the immediate relaxation when step in. 


Why we started Madalene?

There is something very poetic about women: something tender, mystic and cheerful. There is also something very powerful about them. Madalene is inspired by the women around us. Their beauty. Their grace.

The highest reason for Madalene is to give a woman things that may create happy moments in her daily life: like a nice pair of shoes she fits herself in every morning, or a relaxing jar of candle for her to find some relaxation when coming back home at the end of the day. 





Our promise

We make sure to curate only items that are pretty and yet essential. We look for designs that may stand the test of time and present elegance. From shoes to jewels to skincare products, from bathroom to kitchen to bedroom decors/interiors.

And even more than that, deep at its core, Madalene is shaped as a shared space to-be, both ideal and physical, where femininity is treasured and quality lady-time is spent.

That’s our promise.



“But true beauty in a woman,
is reflected by her soul.
It’s the caring that she cares to give,
the passion that she shows;
And the beauty of a woman
with passing years only grows.”

Thank you for being the woman you have always been.